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This is kind of a shitty photo. I was trying a thing. It didn’t really work out.

These are some of my very first Blooddrops! Before I got these decants in the mail, I only had one other thing from the brand – a dram of Dandelion Wine that I picked up on a whim from someone in a sale. (I actually already wrote the review for it, too, I just keep forgetting to take a picture.) But when a decant circle popped up, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try some things out without gambling on full bottles. In this post I’ll cover what I got from the Spring Simplicities collection.

Strawberry Buttercream: Unctuous sugared buttercream with strawberries and a hint of vanilla bean.

Extremely, extremely sweet and rich. Thick strawberry buttercream. Does what it says on the tin. This is extremely different on my skin, to the point where I went back and made sure I was putting on the right oil. It’s strawberry, but it’s much, much less sweet and I almost get a green note from it, like a strawberry that hasn’t been picked yet. How strange. It does get sweeter, but never as sweet as in the vial, and I don’t get that same buttercream richness from it.

Somalian Rose: Beautiful, soft, sophisticated rose without being over bearing.

A soft, slightly green rose. Like a rose bush, complete with leafy green bits. It’s very much the same on skin. If anything the green note is a little stronger. It fades back a bit as it dries and smells more traditionally rose-y. This is interesting, but not my cup of tea. It reads a little “perfumey” to me. I’m starting to realize that I like my rose in combination with something sweet.

Lilac: The quintessential blossom of spring.

It’s lilac. Straight up. It’s floral, but it’s got a crisp, greenish element to it. There was a lilac bush outside of my grandma’s house when I was little, and I always loved the smell. This pretty much smells like sticking your face in that lilac bush. I do get a slightly perfumey edge to this one too, but I’m starting to think I just equate any and all floral smells with perfuminess, so ymmv. It’s pretty much the same on skin, if a little softer, which seems to be a theme with these. It’s a little less green and much less perfumey.  Just soft, fresh lilac. I’m not really a floral scent fan, so I would never need a bottle of this, but lilac is a happy memory scent and I’m glad to have this little bit around.

Early Grass: I created this accord to represent the early green grass of spring that doesn’t yet have that full on grass scent, but is damp with spots of snow, thin and barren in spots with dirt showing, and cold.

My first impression is that this is oddly, unexpectedly sweet. It’s grassy, for sure, and I get some dirt, but it’s just… a little sweet, which is weird. On skin it’s very soft, and still quite sweet to my nose. Not bakery sweet, but… grass sweet. Is that a thing? It smells like dewy grass. It’s really nice. I don’t really get any dirt on skin.

Raspberry Tisane: A tisane is an herbal tea in French. This raspberry tisane has sweetened raspberry notes with gentle supporting notes of hibiscus, rosehips, and lemongrass.

(This is a decant, I was just lucky enough to get the one left in the bottle!) Ooh, I like this one. It smells like lightly sweet raspberry. It’s not super tart or chewable-aspirin-y like raspberry can sometimes be. I detect a slight floral edge. It becomes less slight the longer I sniff at it. On skin that floral edge is quite a bit stronger. The raspberry is there, but it’s a secondary note, and much less sweet. The balance shifts back as it dries, but in general I liked this one a little more in the bottle.

The Spring Simplicities collection is (mostly) still available from Blooddrop.

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  1. Katey

    I have strawberry buttercream as well, and I agree that it’s a very green strawberry. Almost grassy to me. It’s nice, though. Most strawberry notes that I’ve smelled are more like artificially-flavored hard candies.

    • It’s strange! In the vial it smells so, so sweet. It is nice on, though. I’ve not tried a ton of strawberry perfumes, but I find berry scents in general have a tendency to go kind of artificial.

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