baby’s first detrivore


Apologies for the lighting in this photo – the sun was being weird.

While I was picking things up during the Shiro sale, I figured I’d take the opportunity to try out a few Detrivore shadows. I’d never tried them and had only tangentially heard of them before Shiro started distributing their products, but reviews of the products seemed generally favorable. Not all Detrivore shades are vegan, but they are clearly marked and obviously all of the ones I have swatched here are fine.


Swatched over primer alone except for Topiary and Hypothesis, which are over Pixie Epoxy.

Detrivore does make more than browns, but since I am drawn, magpie-like, to neutrals, browns and creams and tans are all I ended up with.

Porcelain: Pale matte pink-tinged cream.

A matte pink-toned cream. Pretty close to my skin tone, so I’m not sure how this would work as a highlight, but it’d be a great blending shade.

Ossuary: Pale matte peachy-toned beige.

A matte light peach. Even closer to my skin tone, just slightly more orange. Definitely a blending shade.

Topiary: Medium brown-toned satin taupe with silver flecks.

A satiny medium brown with silver flecks. I’m not sure where I’d use this.

Hypothesis: Medium satin taupe with subtle pink tones.

A medium brown/taupe with a more shimmery finish than Topiary. Really pretty, would make a good lid shade.

Tomb: Soft matte brown.

A matte medium brown, leaning warm. A+ will use in crease.

Exhumation: Medium matte brown.

A matte medium brown, darker than Tomb and leaning cool. Another great crease shade, but it’s also dark enough to use as a liner if you are more competent than I am and can successfully line your eyes without looking like you haven’t slept in 3 days.


Slanty slanty. Porcelain got cut off here.

Quality-wise, these are beautiful. The mattes are soft and pigmented, a bit powdery but not chalky at all. Of the non-mattes, I really Hypothesis. I’ll definitely be trying out more of Detrivore’s vegan shades in the future.

Check ’em out here.

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