aromaleigh bloom, pure frost, and misc swatches


Sample baggies repotted into jars.

The last gasp of my Aromaleigh order. The first post (This Is My Design) is here. The second post (Brilliant Deductions, Ignis Antiquita, and Serpens) is here. In this post I’ve got two colors from core collections, two special monthly colors, and one stand-alone.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

#lovenotfear: This is a beautifully delicate but very complex shade, with several layers of color and finish within it… It is a chameleon-like color, which will appear very different on different skintones and in different lighting conditions. In sunlight and on a pale warm/yellow skin tone, it appears as a softly metallic cocoa with taupe tones and rich chromatic effects of rose and copper. (Color to benefit the Golden Hat Foundation.)

On my skin, over PE, this looks like a light/medium mauve with blue sparks. I suppose you could call it as a light brownish rose as well. It’s pretty. Over bare skin it’s a very sheer buff rose.

Glorianna: This shade is a soft warm gold with copper and pink chromatic effects. (March 2014 Special Edition.)

Pretty much as described – a warm coppery gold. Very pretty and wearable. Over bare skin it’s just a softer, slightly sheer-er version of the same color.

Rule 42: A beautiful greyed heather violet with a soft glow of copper iridescence and a smattering of rose sparkles. (February 2014 Throwback)

Violet with a warm, slightly pink/copper glow. Over bare skin it’s much less vibrant, and the greyed aspect is more apparent.

Amandier: A pale peach with gold and peach sparkles. (Bloom collection.)

Very pale ivory. It has a peachy cast in the shade, but it glows quite yellow/gold most of the time, especially when the light hits it. This one is not much different over bare skin, surprisingly.

Gossip: A frost finish in a mid-tone mauved buff rose. (Pure Frost collection.)

A medium red-toned purple. The “frost finish” didn’t seem much different than any other (non-glitterbomb) finish. This is another one that’s much the same over bare skin, just a bit less vibrant.


My favorite from this batch is Glorianna. I expected it to be much more of a yellow gold from the site swatch, but it’s a really pretty soft copper. Amandier is also nice, but may lean a bit too yellow for me. However if the color is up your alley, it has a really gorgeous glow to it.

These are all available from Aromaleigh.



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