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you can’t take the sky from me *wails* *rocks in corner, huffing perfume*

I have a soft spot for all things Whedon, and an even softer, gooier spot for Firefly. Buffy is my #1 favorite show forever and ever amen, but there is just something about Firefly. It was so, so good, and its potential was cut so, so short. (Dear Fox, pls die in a fire. Thx! ♥) I was one of the, like, four people who watched Firefly as it aired back in 2002/2003, out of order, on Friday nights. (More fire. All the fire.) I went as Kaylee for Halloween a few years ago, complete with army/navy surplus jumpsuit, bear patch, and little buns. (Engulfed in flames. So much burning.) I got my boyfriend into the show, too, and then knit him a Jayne hat for Christmas. (Forever burning. An eternally twisting spit roast.) So when I saw that Alchimia Apothecary had released a Ladies of Firefly set, well, suffice to say that my interest, she was piqued.

I have a lot of Thoughts and Feelings about Firefly, so I was equal parts excited and apprehensive about this collection. What if they didn’t match the characters at all? What if I hated all the scents? But what if they were perfect and I loved them all? That would be awesome. Let’s do that.

(Note: If the reviews seem a bit vague, it’s because they were done blind, without looking at the scent notes. I feel like I give a more impartial review that way. Notes and descriptions were added after the fact.)

Ambassador: Fresh from the Companion Tea ceremony, this scent is the combination of thick oud and Arabian Sandalwood, incense and the thick bubbling black tea she serves with delicate bergamot, honey and sweet hot cream.

In the vial it’s spicy and creamy, with lots of tea. I think the spicy note is sandalwood. On skin it’s the same. It’s like a tea house with soft incense burning somewhere in the background. Tea can be a weak, fleeting note in perfume, but I’m getting black tea very distinctly – it’s reminding me of Earl Grey – and it’s strong enough to stand up to the other notes involved. There’s a creamy sweetness underneath it all that’s really nice – it’s not sweet sweet, but it smooths out the whole scent.

Thankfully, and a bit surprisingly, this doesn’t morph much at all on me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the sandalwoody incense portion amped up and took over, but it never did. I really, really like this and I think it’s very appropriate for Inara.

Warrior Slink: Based on the warrior woman herself, this dark sexy scent is pure sophistication. Oozing with thick ribbons of benzoin and labdanum, sweet notes of chocolate wrapped in spicy worn leather bubble to the surface. Combined with black agar, there are hints of what can only be described as pure animal musk.

Leather. Spicy leather. But it’s also a little bit sweet? Just a tiny bit. But lots of leather. On skin it’s still quite spicy but I’m getting much more of that sweetness. Something dark and thick. Chocolate? The leather is a bit less prominent on skin, and I’m getting a woodiness, or maybe amber? Something warm and a little sharp. Verging on smoky once it’s dried down.

I didn’t like this one on cold sniff, and I’m not sure it’s something I’d wear often, but I’m surprised to find that I enjoy this. It’s a very sexy scent, dark and spicy and sweet, but also a little tough. Zoe would approve.

Apple Bits: Red ripe juicy apples mingle with the fruity crisp scent of green pomegranates, tropical wood, candied ginger and just a touch of ginseng. Rounding out this scent are spicy hints of fresh green herbs.

Fresh green apple, crisp and sweet. Maybe something a little gingery? On skin it’s a little less tart, a little smoother. Apple is still at the top but there’s something else in there, some other fruits, I think. I’m still getting a gingery bite, and there’s something a little deeper and woody in the background that keeps it from being a straight-up fruity scent.

This is awesome. It’s fruity and green, sweet and fresh and crisp and a tiny bit spicy. I love apple scents, and this is a great one. I’m sure River would happily throw it up on Simon’s bed.

Layer Cake: This is a combination of strawberries, lichee, dragon fruit, mangoes and other sweet fruit drizzled over a thick slice of birthday cake and topped with a fresh dollop of whipped cream.

SWEET. Very, very sweet. Vanilla, cake, and fruit. On skin it’s still really sweet, but a bit more fruity. It’s clearly strawberry. I mean, clearly. I think there are some other fruits in there, too, though – something bright and light, maybe tropical? Lychee maybe, since it’s making me recall Haus of Gloi’s Litchi Milk Tea a bit. But mostly strawberry. And cake, of course. This is pretty much what I expected Blooddrop’s Strawberry Buttercream to smell like.

Obviously I love this. It smells delicious and I want to drink it. It’s a sweet, creamy, fruity confection of a scent that’s perfect for Kaylee.

And what do you know – I like them all. I’m not completely in love with Warrior Slink, just because it’s not the kind of scent I gravitate toward, but Ambassador, Apple Bits, and Layer Cake are all definite bottle purchases for me. (And since buying the set of four is the same price as buying three separately, well, Warrior Slink will be coming home with me anyway.)

I know she’s not a main character, but I’d love to see a scent for Saffron (/Yolanda/Bridgette). I can only imagine what would go into that! It would be the perfect scent to wear while scheming sexily.

firefly_kayleesmileAnyway – this collection is great. A+ fangirl approved, will rub all over myself again. Head over to Alchimia Apothecary to get some Firefly smells for yourself!

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