OHWTO Bluebell



What else would a luminous rabbit smell of? Blueberries and Lychee fruit, Clover, Lilies, White Musk, and Zucchini Blossoms straight from the garden.

In the tube this smelled fresh and green and fruity, and I got a lot of clover from it, which is one of my very favorite scent notes. But on skin it changed quite a bit – first the lychee and the lily came out very strong, then the lychee faded a bit and the lily and musk took over. It’s much more floral than I expected from cold sniffing, and alas, I get little to no clover.

After it wears for a bit, the blueberry starts to peek out again, but it’s not enough to save it for me.

Final Verdict: Not for me. It’s funny, when I first smelled it in the tube I was immediately like, “BOTTLE LIST.” But now? Not so much. Florals and musk are two things that don’t work very well for me, so this one is getting a pass.

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