first sniff impressions: OHWTO spring 2014


Form a single-file line, please.

A few weeks ago I ordered solids of most of the new OHWTO spring scents – all but Silk Road, since it sounded a bit too floral for my taste, and Gerbera, because… I don’t know, after Haus of Gloi’s Ruth the combination of strawberry and violet terrifies me. Another time, perhaps. I just got them today so I haven’t had a chance to really test any of them out yet, but here are some first sniff impressions!

(Meaning: no peeking at notes, no skin testing, just cold sniffs out of the bottle/tube/whatever!)

Blackberry Buckle: Sweet, juicy blackberry. There is a warm cakiness (cakey-ness? a cake-like quality) to it, but the cake isn’t as strong as in The Cake is a Lie. I almost smell a hint of lemon? But I think it’s just that tart edge that berries can sometimes have.

Lanai: Tart citrus and a hint of pineapple. Kind of smells like Sour Patch Kids.

Bluebell: (Not gonna lie, I mostly ordered this because the notes contained clover.) Lightly sweet, grassy, and slightly floral. I do smell the clover, which means I need a bottle. (Reviewed! My feelings, they have changed.)

Maura Mae: (I have a bottle of this oil from the first time it was released, two years ago I think? Anyway, I love it so I wanted a solid too. This isn’t really a first sniff anything.) Sweet apricot, clover, and a nip of whisky. I love this a lot.

Lucky: Apples and grass! Yes! It smells like a combination of two of my favorite OHWTO scents, Bitten and Fresh. It’s got the tart apple of Bitten (but no honey or pepper) and the dewy grass of Fresh (but it’s less sweet). Apple anything is a hit with me, so… yep. Another bottle purchase.

Rose Lemonade: Ooh. When I first popped the top, the rose hit me hard. But when I actually sniff the tube, the lemon is much more prominent. It’s a bit fizzy and effervescent. I find that zingy or tart lemon scents can easily cross over into Pine Sol territory, and this one does skirt right up to the line for me – I think it’s whatever is making it smell “fizzy,” because I get a bit of the same feeling from Raspberry Gingerale. But then I smell the rose again and I reconsider… this is a puzzler for me. I do like it but I find it kind of confusing.

Dude: (Free sample.) Usually I love “man scents” (I love Big Daddy and Lumberjack from OHWTO, the latter especially), but this one is a no. It’s very leathery with a hint of cologne. Like my face is being pushed into a new leather sofa, and not in a dirty sexy way.

I Am a Banana: (Free sample.) BANANA LAFFY TAFFY. And banana Runts! This is straight-up artificial banana. I love it. I don’t really want to SMELL like it, though.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchases! I already know I’ll need oil versions of a few (Bluebell, Lucky), and there’s not one among them that I don’t at least like. Full reviews to come once I get around to wearing them!

Visit OHWTO on Etsy if anything piqued your interest!

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