first sniff impressions: alchimia apothecary



My first order from Alchimia Apothecary came! First sniff impressions – no notes, no skin tests, just initial reactions straight out of the vial.

Ambassador: Spicy and creamy. I smell tea. I like this more than I expected.

Warrior Slink: Whoa, leather. Leather and wood and spice.

Apple Bits: Fresh green apple. Slightly sweet. Honey?

Layer Cake: Sweet sweet sweet. Vanilla, cake, and fruit – peach? Strawberry.

Native: Grass and cranberry. Smells very crisp, like early fall.

Dangeous Dream: Peach crisp. This is amazing.

Flowering Meadow: Just mowed grass. Really strong. Florals in the background, but mostly grass.

Mountain Mud: Dirt. Damp, dark, fresh dirt and leaves. This smells like the woods after it rains. I need a bottle immediately.

Jersey Devil: Pine trees. Very green and sappy.

Red Rover: Clover and honey. Mostly clover. Fresh and springy, lightly sweet. I love this, I’m glad I got a 5 ml unsniffed.

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