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mini shadows + GWP shadow + sample baggies repotted into jars

Darling Girl is one of those companies that I always meant to try but just never got around to. I’ve never heard anything but good things about the brand, and they have a lot of really lovely colors, but they just never made it to the top of my “to try” list for some reason. Until now. Well, a few weeks ago, technically – I placed my first order on April 7th, it shipped April 21st, and arrived in my mailbox on April 25th. Not the fastest TAT, but not unreasonable and within what’s stated on their website, which is really the important part.

In all I ordered 4 mini (petit) eyeshadows, a 5 sample pack of 4 blushes and one shadow, and a cream blush sample. I also received a GWP shadow (comes with every order over $10), an additional shadow sample, and, much to my surprise, a full size blush in Fantasia. I’ll cover the shadows here, and the blushes in another post since there are 6 of them plus another shade I swapped for.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy. (No neat little rectangles this time because I ran out of tape.)

Adoration: Lightest tan satin pearl.

Very light peachy tan. I swear there is shadow there – it’s just hard to see because it’s not much darker than my skin. Without Pixie Epoxy it’s more of a pale cream color, and even less visible on my skin. The PE brings out the peachiness. This is kind of a strange, in-between color for me – not light enough to use as a highlighter or a lid-brightening wash, but not dark enough to use as a crease color. Obviously where it falls on that spectrum is highly dependent on your skin tone, though.

Jeweled Taupe: An amazing, metallic, bronzey taupe with multi-colored shimmer like tiny little jewels ribboned through it.

A brownish taupe with multi-colored shimmer. It has a slightly pink cast to my eye. I see the purple and blue sparks the most. Very metallic, very pretty. I get the hype. Reminds me of an Urban Decay color – YDK, maybe?

Brocade: Violet base with strong metallic gold overlay.  This is a shade you will want to pat on rather than swipe on to get a nice even finish.

This is the shade that made me place an order. I’m a sucker for a good purple/gold shadow. Brocade has a purple base with strong coppery gold shimmer. The purple is a bit more visible in person. The name is very appropriate – it looks rich.

Naughty Bits: Saturated chocolate cherry.

Just what it says – a very dark reddish brown. It’s beautiful and I don’t have anything quite like it. It would make an amazing liner. The matte formula is really nice and very pigmented. I generally don’t use or swatch matte shadows over a sticky base – this time I did, and was reminded of why I don’t. It looks a bit patchy but I’m putting that down to the PE. Mattes are better used over just primer in my experience.

Sakura Season: GWP, no description.

Looks like a grey base with strong reddish purple shimmer. Like a purple version of Serendipity from Fyrinnae, or DG’s Hot Rocks.

Sugar Plums: Lavender with silver iridescence and color shifting lavender sparkles.

Metallic lavender. Definitely has a frosty silvery cast. I notice the blue and green sparks the most.

Crystal Lake: Pale lilac with copper shift and soft pink flash.

My free sample. This is more of a medium purple to me, with warm pink shimmer. A cooler, more blue-toned purple than I usually go for.

dg_shadow_swatches2Darling Girl’s samples are small. Probably the smallest I’ve gotten from an indie. They are cheaper than usual, though, too – 5 for $4 – and still a good way to try out colors you’re not sure about. However I think the minis are the way I’ll go in the future – they’re $2.50 each and probably all the shadow I’ll ever need for most colors.

Overall I really like these. The formula is great across the board, and in general they swatched for me very similarly to how they look in the website swatches, which is always a plus because it’s nice to be able to trust that what you see is what you’re going to get. Darling Girl is not completely vegan, but the ingredients are listed for each shade and if something is not vegan it’s clearly stated.

My favorites from this bunch are Jeweled Taupe, Brocade, Naughty Bits, and Sakura Season. I’m glad I got my order in while Sakura Season was the GWP – I think it would be a really popular shade if it were added to the lineup. (Edit: As of 4/30 I heard from Susan at DG that she will be adding Sakura Season to her core lineup!) Adoration is perfectly nice but it’s not a stand-out shade for me. I’m on the fence about Sugar Plums – it might be too silvery, but I’ll reserve judgment until I give it a try. Crystal Lake is just not a color I will reach for.

Everything in this post (and more, obviously) is available from Darling Girl Cosmetics.

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