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Sample baggies repotted into jars + mini Yes, Virginia! + full size Fantasia + cream blush sample

The blush portion of my Darling Girl order! (The shadows are here.) And the more exciting part, for me personally. Real talk: I barely wear eyeshadow. Like, maybe three times a month. MAYBE. (Why I keep buying it, then, is another issue entirely.) But I wear blush every day. I love blush. And I’ve tried surprisingly few indie blushes, for as much indie makeup as I buy. I have a few from Fyrinnae, and one from The All Natural Face, but that’s pretty much it. Until now!

I’ve heard a lot about Darling Girl’s blushes, so when I placed an order I knew I had to try a few out. I prefer my blushes matte or slightly satin – no strong shimmer or glitter – so all of the powder blushes I ordered were from the Soft Focus line. Fantasia, a freebie with my order, is one of their Inner Glow blushes. Yes, Virginia! is another Soft Focus blush that I swapped for a few weeks ago – I figured I should swatch it with the rest.


Swatched over bare skin.

Aloha: A beautiful, earthy pink that leans slight mauve.  This would be a great everyday no-brainer kind of blush.

A light pinky brown – it reminds me of Too Faced’s Cocoa Rose (vegan, a bit cooler than Aloha) or Tarte’s Exposed (sadly not vegan but I’ve seen enough swatches to be able to pick it out of a lineup). It’s slightly pinker in real life than it looks here. I love these kinds of blushes. They’re fool-proof and they give a really natural, healthy, sun-kissed kind of glow. This one is completely matte.

Fuji: Light peachy pink, nearly matte.

Just what it says – a light peachy pink. More pink than peach. It’s a warm, yellow-based pink as opposed to a cool, blue, bubblegum pink (I can’t really wear those). It’s a really pretty, subtle everyday shade that would be hard to mess up. Since it’s so subtle, you don’t need to be nearly as careful during application, and it gives a really nice, natural, glowy look. I thought this was matte, but there is a very slight satiny sheen when the light hits it directly.

Cheeky: Bright cheery pinky coral, nearly matte.

This is a BEAUTIFUL pink coral. It looks pinker on me than in the site swatches. It’s bright, but it can be applied very subtly if you use a light hand and it’s a great color for spring and summer. It has the same satiny sheen as Fuji.

Cherry Bomb: A vibrant cherry red with just the tiniest hint of pink glow.

HELLO NURSE. Look at that swatch! It’s almost retina-searing.

I have a thing for red blushes. They look terrifying, but they’re actually very natural if you apply them lightly – no one really blushes coral, you know? They give a really nice Snow White kind of effect and it’s very flattering. Most days I end up reaching for a red blush anymore, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones to add to my collection – and this one is gorgeous. It’s a VERY vibrant blue red, leaning pink. It looks completely matte to me. It reminds me of a brighter, even more pigmented version of Milani’s Bella Rosa (vegan!), which is another recent acquisition I’m in love with. The caveat here is that if you have fair skin you need to be really, really judicious in your application of this – I used my regular blush brush and just the tiniest speck of Cherry Bomb and it was still verging on sunburn territory, so I’m thinking maybe a duo-fiber brush would be a better choice.

Yes, Virginia!: A lovely lilac-pink.

Light purple. I suppose it is more pink purple than blue purple, but it doesn’t read pink to me – just purple. On my face it’s actually much more subtle and wearable than I was expecting. It doesn’t look pink, per se, but it doesn’t quite look purple either. I’m not sure how I feel about it on me – I have pretty yellow-toned skin so I think it makes me look a little sallow – but this would probably be beautiful on cool-toned skin. This one appears to be totally matte.

Fantasia: A gorgeous orange/coral with a very subtle violet shift.

This was a freebie with my order. Full-size! Super generous. Unfortunately it is not a color I will wear – it’s a vibrant orange coral with a purple sheen. This swatch doesn’t do it justice at all – you can’t see any of the purple shift. Blended out on my skin it just turns carrot orange. I can get on with orange blush, but this shade doesn’t do it for me. Since I also prefer my blushes matte or nearly so, this one was just not meant to be. I’m glad I got to try it, though, and I’m sure I will find it a good home in a swap soon.

Papaya: Juicy ripe papaya with red undertones.

Another beautiful red – warmer and less pink-leaning than Cherry Bomb. The cream blush formula has a really pretty translucency to it. When I washed off these swatches, Papaya stained my skin a bit, so I imagine the lasting power is pretty good with this. This shade is not as in your face BAM POW as Cherry Bomb, but if you have fair skin you still need a light hand here.

I’m into these. The Soft Focus blush formula is my favorite – it’s very soft and blends beautifully into the skin. I don’t generally have problems with my blush fading quickly, but the ones I’ve tried so far have lasted all day. There are a few more colors in that line that I’ll definitely be trying out.

My favorites from this bunch are Aloha, Fuji, Cheeky, and Papaya. Cherry Bomb is GORGEOUS but it may actually be too pigmented – I’ll have to experiment with different brushes. Yes, Virginia! I’m on the fence about, and Fantasia will get swapped away.

Everything in this post (and more, obviously) is available from Darling Girl Cosmetics.

4 thoughts on “darling girl blush swatches

  1. Charlene

    Hey! Great review :) I have Fuji too and I looove it, since I got it a couple of weeks back my other blushes have been sadly neglected. Although, funnily enough, it definitely looks a lot more peach than pink on my skin. Weird, huh?

    • Thanks! I was expecting Fuji to be much peachier and darker from the website swatch – I’m going to throw Paradise Pink into my next order and see how it compares, since DG says it’s basically a peachier version of Fuji. Either way it’s really wearable, so I’m happy.

      • Charlene

        I’ve been sorely tempted to pick up Paradise Pink too, although I kinda cleaned myself out with the Shiro sale today, whoops! If you do pick up Paradise Pink, would you mind doing a comparison between it and Fuji?

        • Absolutely! I might’ve placed another DG order last night that included Mermaid’s Dream and Paradise Pink, sooooo that’ll happen in a couple weeks.

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