first sniff impressions: haus of gloi spring

Somehow I’ve managed to almost completely miss Haus of Gloi’s spring releases for the past few years – I’ve literally never smelled a single one of these scents. So since I couldn’t just pick up products in a few scents that I knew I liked, I decided to get samples of the whole line, as well as a few minis (2 pumpkin butters and a bubbling scrub), a whipped soap, and two butterbombs.After sniffing the whole line, the only ones I plan to buy full bottles of are Komodo and Selkie. I also really like Ploughman, but I’m on the fence about getting a bottle – it’s kind of like the spring twin of Samhain, which I love, but don’t actually wear that often. We shall see.

An odd little note is that this is the first order I’ve ever made from Haus of Gloi that didn’t include an extra perfume sample. I was a little bummed! I mean, obviously free samples are just a bonus, but it made me wonder if I just somehow got skipped over this time or if they’re going to stop including them altogether. While I hope it’s not the latter, it won’t really affect my purchasing habits either way.

Anyway! Onto the mini-reviews.

Komodo: Sweet, tangy, and tropical. (Reviewed!)

Ruth: Strawberry and green awfulness. It kind of smells like horseradish. (Reviewed!)

Milkmaid: Creamy, powdery pink floral. (Reviewed!)

Ploughman: Damp spring soil. This is very fresh for a dirt scent. (Reviewed!)

Lassi: Gummy bears. The pumpkin butter is less tart than the perfume oil. (Reviewed!)

Selkie: Smells like the ocean, in the best way. (Reviewed!)

Orange Blossom Bee Hive: Orange cream candy.

Strawberries & Cream: Just as described, except less creamy than I expected. Orange Blossom Bee Hive actually smells creamier to me than this one does.

As always, all of this is available from Haus of Gloi.

6 thoughts on “first sniff impressions: haus of gloi spring

  1. Horseradish? Now I know I don’t want to be near Ruth for sure!
    Good move to buy samples first! I love that about HoG. You can sample everything and then decide what you want in full size.
    I hope they didn’t stop the free sample with every order thing. I found so many favorites that way and it’s always nice to receive something you don’t expect.

    • Ruth is such a weird scent. I’m really curious to see how other people react to it, because for me it was definitely one of those where you sniff it and just immediately want to be as far away from it as possible. UGH, NO, STOP, GET AWAY.

      I agree about the samples – it’s a great way to get to try things that you’d never pick out yourself but just might love anyway.

    • I got a sample with my last order, it had become dislodged from the little card though and I had to root around the packaging for it. I’m sure it was just a mistake, samples are too lucrative I’d think for them to discontinue doing them.

  2. I´ve read about this HoG spring release on a few blogs nw and the only one that really seems up my alley is Ploughman. I´m just more fond of autumn/winter scents… 😉
    I have come to expect that free sample or two with every indie perfume order… It is a great bonus for me as a customer, and quite good for business on the other end I would presume. I know that I often fall in love with free samples!

    • From what you’ve said about your scent preferences, I definitely think most of these are either too sweet or too light for your taste! Such is the way with spring scents. Ploughman is really nice if you like dirt-y scents, but it’s still very fresh and light.

      Totally agree about the samples! I know I’ve purchased things I never would’ve picked myself because I got a sample of it and fell it love. I’m hoping this was just random oversight.

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