ohwto cascadia


A scent for a country that never was. At least, not yet. Dense evergreen forests, endless waterfalls, pine boughs, woodland paths littered with dried leaves, ambergris washed ashore the rocky coastline, driftwood, midday showers, oakmoss, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

In the pod Cascadia smells very clean – it reminds me of all those “clean laundry” scents for some reason. The woodsiness is also there, but it’s mild. But then! On skin the evergreen and pine comes out like WHOA at first, to the point where I can’t smell anything else. Thankfully it softens pretty quickly and I start to get a bit of the other notes, most notably the sandalwood and a tiny hint of sweetness from the oakmoss. It’s quite pretty once you get past the initial blast of HEY CHRISTMAS TREE. I am a big fan of any kind of “this smells like being in the middle of woods” scents, and this falls into that category – it’s something I’d want to wear while hiking or exploring outside.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. I like it but it reminds me a bit of OHWTO’s Lumberjack, which by contrast I love, so I’ll have to compare the two before I decide whether or not to put it on my “to buy” list.

Available from: OHWTO

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