ohwto apple of my eye


Bushels of apples, bouquets of lilies and carnations and sweet peas, green clover, sensual and exotic musks, a splash of champagne and a little candy, to boot.

Apple of My Eye was part of One Hand Washes the Other’s 2013 Valentine’s Day release. I ordered it because I am forever and endlessly drawn to any scent with apple in the notes. And clover. Let’s not forget about the clover. I think my perfect Spring scent would be one that smells like crisp, fresh apples, clover flowers, rose, peach, and honey. (Note to self: see if Haus of Gloi offers these notes for their custom perfumes.)

In the tube Apple of My Eye smells fresh and green and slightly floral. The apple isn’t super prominent. On skin it actually becomes less fruity and I smell mostly sweet pea and clover. There’s a slight tickle from the champagne, but I can’t identify any candy or musk, and compared to sniffing it in the tube, the apple is very, very mild, bordering on unnoticeable.

It’s a perfectly nice scent – it’s fresh and reminds me sitting in the park in early spring. But I was promised apple! And I’m not getting apple. So that’s disappointing. I usually find OHWTO scents fairly true to their descriptions, so this is most likely a skin chemistry issue.

Misc. Notes: “It’s more flowery than what you usually wear, but I actually really like it.” -Mike

Would I buy it again? I don’t think so. I’m not upset that I bought it, and I’ll wear it, but if I knew it was going to be so lacking in apple, I wouldn’t have bought it.

Available from: OHWTO

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