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Butterbombs! Even the name is adorable. The product itself – little scoops that look like ice cream or cookie dough – are even more adorable. So much so that even though I am not, historically, a bath person (a traumatic bath time roach incident in my gross college apartment left me with no desire to ever soak in a tub of water ever again THANK YOU IT CAME OUT OF THE DRAIN), I picked up a few of these anyway, because… cute! And I want to be a bath person, really. They seem so relaxing. Plus, again, cute.

I have four from the initial release around Valentine’s Day and two from the recent Spring release. I’ve gone back and forth about whether I should review them all at once or by scent, and I eventually decided to just do a sort of collection overview each time new ones are released. This review will cover the butterbombs I purchased from the Valentine’s Day collection: Toasted, Sea Salt Brownies, White Bluberry, and A Simple Rose.


In the order they appear above, left to right:

A Simple Rose: “Bulgarian rose absolute supported by Egyptian geranium in a base of amyris wood.” Gorgeous, fresh rose. Love this one, it’s my favorite.

Toasted: “Reminiscent of warm milk, aromatic rice and burnt sugar.” Smelled creamy and toasty through the wrapper but once I sniffed the actual butterbomb I smelled basmati rice, burnt sugar, and milk. It’s warm and a little bitter.

Sea Salt Brownies: “Dark chocolate brownie accord with supporting notes of cocoa c02, a gentle touch of coffee co2 and speckled with sea salt.” Semi-sweet chocolatey scent. Not overpowering or fake.

White Blueberry: Blueberries awash with white vanilla sugar, cream and a sprig of white thyme.” This also smelled creamier through the wrapper, but the bomb itself smells fresh, herbal, and a bit tangy. This is my second favorite.

And here’s what Haus of Gloi has to say about these little guys:

Toss these little scoops in hot bath water for a fizzy, slightly foamy and decadently moisturizing bath. Crumble under running bath water for best results! Please be cautious when moving around or standing in the tub, these little bombs can make things slippery!

I’ve only used one butterbomb so far, in my inaugural bid to take a bath without having a panic attack. I picked Toasted, since it’s my least favorite of the scents I picked up from this collection, and I always like to save my favorite things for last.


(I finished An Abundance of Katherines during my bath, fyi.)

This is what my bathtub looked like after I crumbed the Toasted butterbomb under the faucet. It creates a thin layer of milky, foamy bubbles that lasted until about halfway through my bath. After that I was left with slightly milky water that smelled really nice, which isn’t nothing. The smell is quite strong and it does linger, since the butterbombs leave a kind of moisturizing film on the skin throughout and after the bath.

I found the overall Butterbomb Experience very pleasant, but there are a few downsides. The moisturizing goo that the bomb deposits in the bath water and on skin clogged my razor like crazy when I tried to shave. That’s easily remedied by, well, not shaving in the bath, I guess. I don’t (in theory, in the future, if I ever take a bath again, which I probably will) take baths to get clean, but to relax, so that’s not a huge deal to me, although it is a little annoying. The only other thing is that I wish it created more bubbles, but since it’s not advertised to do so, it’s certainly not a knock against the product itself, just against my expectations. The bombs do exactly what they say on the tin, so as long as you go in knowing that I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. While they’re not going to produce a mass amount of bubbles, they add a nice amount of moisture and scent to the bath water and really make the whole process more luxurious. Which, in my mind, is the whole point of a bath.

Available from: Haus of Gloi

3 thoughts on “haus of gloi valentine’s butterbombs

  1. Yay for butterbombs! I love these wee guys :) The rose one is awesome and the smell of that one really lasts. The new spring ones are also brilliant. Compared to some bath bombs I’ve tried, the razor clog factor was actually not too bad. That is always an issue for me too. Maybe try half a one?

    • I’m saving the rose for last! It smells awesome even though the foil. I’m surprised about the razor clogging thing – but I’ve never used any other bath bombs, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I’ll probably just refrain from shaving when I use them, but cutting them in half would get more life out of them… hmm!

    • Yeah, if there’s a high percentage of butters/oils in the bomb, it can really clog razors up. I like Fizzbutter bombs, but they are impossible to use when shaving. They say if you use a bubble bar in conjunction with a bomb, the butters emulsify. so I’m not positive, but maybe if you tried a bubble bar/some sort of bubble bath product with them, that would help cut down on the oiliness in the water.

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