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Yeah, so. SO. It’s time. I’ve finally emptied the sample bowl I keep on my desk, and though it is only the first of many, I’m going to take a break between bowls to talk about some stuff I’ve gotten recently (ish). Because if I don’t I won’t get around to reviewing any of it until 2014.

The huge Arcana order I talked about in my last (and thus far only) State of the Blog post arrived a while ago – and it was even huger than I expected! Julia asked me if there were any scents I wanted to sample along with my bottles, so I sent her a list of suggestions, expecting that she’d pick one or two – never did I expect to get samples of almost ALL of them, and more! Holy crap. In total I received 7 5 ml bottles and 12 samples. So there will be a lot of Arcana reviews coming down the pipe, obviously. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see first, definitely let me know!

But for now, first sniff impressions! The bottles:

Venus Callipyge: Musky apricot. This one has my illustration on the label! <3

Venus Libertina: Flowery and very strong. Also has my illo on the label! <3 <3

CakeLust: Oh my god I want to eat it. It smells like butterscotch cake.

Amorini: Cherry lollipops. (Reviewed!)

Star Light: Soft vanilla and something fruity. Smells a little like oatmeal cookies.

Murder Ballad Blues: Slightly sour berries.

Quim: Boozy banana creamsicle. Already reviewed!

And the samples:

Keel: Fresh pineapple.

Drool: Sweet and tropical.

Queen Crossbones: Resin-y honey. (Reviewed!)

Eros: Chocolate and patchouli, maybe. (Reviewed!)

BloodLust: Black licorice. Very sharp and medicinal. (Reviewed!)

The Huntress: Very herbal and minty.

Soft Hearted: The softest grapefruit I’ve ever smelled. (Reviewed!)

Breakfast in Hollywood: Also grapefruit, but a more usual kind of grapefruit plus a bit of fruity sweetness.

Namaka: Sweet coconut milk and something a bit fruity. (Reviewed!)

Death in the Afternoon: A much sweeter anise with a bit of citrus.

Freyja: More grapefruit. Very very grapefruit with no sugary sweetness to it.

Bonfires at Dusk: Smoke and lavender. (Reviewed!)

5 thoughts on “first sniff impressions: arcana overload

  1. I hane’t tried any Arcana scents yet but some of these sound very nice! Queen Crossbones and BloodLust sound right up my alley and maybe Bonfires at Dusk too… Congrats on getting to illustrate perfume lables, that´s awesome!

    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun. Plus I got paid in perfume, which, bonus. It sounds like the ones you’d like will probably be my least favorites, except for Queen Crossbones, which was lovely in the vial. I so want to love Bonfires at Dusk, but smoke is such a hit-or-miss (more like miss-or-miss-or-miss-or-hit) note for me.

    • Thanks! StarLight is the one that prompted this whole shebang. I sort of willfully ignore new releases sometimes since if I didn’t I’d spend all my money on perfume, but I couldn’t resist that one!

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