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A gentlemanly blend of sweet pipe tobacco, golden honey and black tea.

Notes that I like in perfume: tobacco, honey, tea. Percent chance that I will love a scent containing only those notes: 98% if not higher. So you’d think that I would’ve just splashed out for a large bottle of this without even trying it first, but NO. I was trying to be good! And I’ve had mixed luck with Firebird/Flourish. So a sample it was. Let’s see how that worked out. Spoilers: REALLY WELL.

In the imp, Tobacco Honey smells very sweet and golden. There’s a slight woody/smokiness to it that really communicates the tobacco scent well. On skin it’s the mostly same, though I can smell the tea a bit more. It’s sweet but not dessert-sweet, more like golden, oozing honey, and the tobacco note comes through in the most appealing way. Some tobacco scents smell way too much like cherry for my taste, but this smells just like the pipe tobacco my dad used to smoke, sweet and damp and woody and slightly smoky. It doesn’t turn acrid on me at all. It’s really wonderful and brings up a lot of pleasantly nostalgic scent memories for me. I want to wrap myself up in a blanket that smells like this forever.

Would I buy it again? Yes, definitely. I grew up with the scents of my dad smoking a pipe and drinking steamy Earl Grey tea, so this scent hits a lot of warm, fuzzy memory buttons for me. I love it and will be picking up a full bottle ASAP.

Available from: Firebird Bath & Body

4 thoughts on “firebird tobacco honey

  1. Have you tried Miel de Sauvage et Tabac from Alkemia? I´d love to know how thay compare if you have! I´m looking for a honey-tobacco that works on me as Miel de Sauvage hated my chemistry. My skin has a tendency to amp tobacco and in the case of MdSeT turned it into a really aweful old-tobacco-smoke-in-the-walls kind of scent…

    • I haven’t tried that one! It’s been on my list to get as a sample in my next order for a while, I just haven’t picked anything up from Alkemia recently because I didn’t have much luck with my last batch of samples.

      Tobacco Honey is really the only tobacco scent I’ve tried and loved. Most of them either go stale or acrid or smell like cherry cough syrup.

      Re: follow options, I will try! I’ve managed to add an RSS feed and stuff over there and am looking into what other options there are. Thanks for the kick in the pants, I never even thought about that!

    • I´ve ordered from Alkemia a couple of times now and while I haven´t loved every sample I have enjoyed the sampling process and found a few awesome scents! What scents did you have bad luck with?

      Cherry cough syrup!? That has never happened to me, awful stink yes, but nothing like cherry cough syrup… O_o

      I have both a google friend connect gadget and a follow by email on my blogger blog. The google friend connect is the one I like the most and the one that is generally most used. It should be fairly easy to add, the gadget is simply called Followers if I remember correctly… I´ve followed you by email now so that I don´t forget you exist!

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