delightful rot sonic screwdriver


Sweeter than it’s partner TARDIS, this scent is based in the same blue tone, but much more vibrant, with hints of heat and light in the form of mandarin and passion flower.

So yesterday we got TARDIS, and today we have Sonic Screwdriver. It also has the distinction of being the last Delightful Rot scent I currently have to review! I’ll probably pick up samples of the rest of the line in the near future, because I am a hoarder.


Oh, Nine. You might just be my favorite. You’re tied for the lead, at the very least. P.S. ROSE, I miss yoooouuuu. Oh god, excuse me while I go sob into a napkin.

ANYWAY. Sonic Screwdriver.

In the imp, it smells fresh and fruity, mostly like mandarin orange and a bit like passionfruit to my nose. On skin it stays that way, thankfully displaying none of the generic perfuminess of TARDIS. That’s the thing – even though the description states that these two are based on the same “blue tone,” they smell nothing alike to me. One doesn’t even vaguely remind me of the other on some kind of Silurian lizard-brain level (see what I did there?). This is a good thing, because I really disliked TARDIS but I quite enjoy Sonic Screwdriver. It’s not complex or hugely unique, but it’s a nice, tart, fruity scent that would be perfect for warm weather.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. I do like it, but it reminds me of a few things I have in my stash already (without checking to confirm, Passionfruit from I Smell Good, Raspberry Gingerale and Polynesian Punch from OHWTO, Grapefruit Ginger from Firebird – not dupes or anything, just similarly tart, fizzy, fruity scents), and even if it didn’t I’m not sure it would go on my Full Bottle List simply because it doesn’t blow me away in any sense. If I bought it, I’d mostly be buying it because it’s called Sonic Screwdriver.

Available From: Delightful Rot

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