delightful rot leaf on the wind


“I am a leaf on the wind – watch how I soar.” This quote ushered in one of the most triumphant and then suddenly tragic moments in cinematic history. The scent reflects both the triumphant, with a bright and sweet green top note, and the tragic, with a gentle, aquatic undercurrent of tears drying in the wind.

I left the introductory info in there instead of just cutting it down to the notes list because WASH. Oh god. Just thinking about that scene makes me cry and cry and cry some more like a sad little heartbroken baby.


But let me put aside my snot-covered feelings for a second and talk about the actual scent based on dear, sweet, hilarious Wash. Unfortunately I do not like it much. Sorry, Wash.

In the imp and on skin, Leaf on the Wind smells like an extremely strong, generic green floral perfume. It’s slightly less oppressively perfumey on skin than when sniffed straight, but the whole thing just makes me think of being spritzed by an overzealous perfume counter employee in a department store. It may sound odd to criticize a perfume for smelling perfumey, but I think most people know what I mean by that. It’s strong in a bad way, and instead of smelling like any individual notes, it just smells like perfume.

While I don’t deny that this may be someone’s olfactory idea of the character, it’s not mine. If I were to make a perfume based on Wash, it would be clean and green and slightly fruity, with notes of airy ozone or something similar (for the vast openness of space), sweet grass or maybe basil, lemon, pineapple (for his hawaiian shirts of course), and warm, worn leather to represent the the pilot’s seat at the front of Serenity. Hmm. I really want that perfume now.

Would I buy it again? Sadly, no. I wanted to like this because I love Wash and Firefly and Serenity, but I really hate it. I actually scrubbed it off right after reviewing it, which I rarely ever do.

Available from: Delightful Rot

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