delightful rot boba


A sweet fragrance, reminiscent of your favorite bubble tea! With notes of sweet milk, cinnamon and spice tea, and a touch of black coconut, this is a definite foodie scent, with a mild and sweet dry down.

Bubble tea! I don’t like bubble tea, actually, but I wish I did because it has maybe the most fun name ever.

In the imp, Boba smells like sweet milk and cinnamon. It’s a touch plasticky. On skin it smells like a strong chai latte, all cinnamon and cardamom and black tea with warm milk. There’s coconut too, lending a bit of rich fruitiness. By all accounts I should really like this, and while I do like it, there’s something about it that’s off for me – that plasticky note is still there, and my best guess is that it’s the combination of milk and cinnamon. Milk notes can easily go sour and gross, and my skin in particular can amp cinnamon to oppressive scented candle levels. The combination lends Boba a slightly sour, synthetic smell that kind of ruins is for me.

Would I buy it again? No, but only because it goes a bit off on my skin. It’s entirely possible that this is lovely and warm and spicy and delicious on other people.

Available from: Delightful Rot 

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