alkemia vanille vert


The innocence of fresh ferns, sweet green grass, and tender new leaves juxtaposed against seduction of white amber, Madagascar vanilla orchids, and vanilla musk.

In the imp, Vanille Vert smells like vanilla and fresh, sweet grass. Wet on skin the vanilla is somewhat less prominent – it’s mostly just sweet grass with a hint of sweetness. It’s very fresh and springy. As it dries the white amber and a whiff of something floral come out, and something about it doesn’t agree with my head. The smell itself is really nice, but something about it – I’d blame the amber – makes me headachey.

I love the way this one smells in the vial, and I love the fresh, sweet green scent when I first but it on, but unfortunately this one doesn’t work for me once it gets past that stage. And it’s funny, I recall sniffing this sample when I first got it (at least a year ago, probably) and thinking it smelled insanely strong and green. It’s aged into a very soft, mellow scent. If you like fresh, green scents you’d probably love this. It brings to mind a bright green field of grass in the spring, wet with dew and slightly sweet-smelling. It’s really lovely… I wish it worked for me. Alas.

Would I buy it again? Unfortunately not. It’s a lovely scent but it gives me a headache. Wah wah.

Available from: Alkemia Perfumes

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