violette market coconut husk pumpkin


The first pumpkin you pick from a tree! White pumpkin covered in a hard coconut husk, Tahitian vanilla flower, and rich vanilla pods.

My first Violette Market oil! I didn’t actually buy this – I received it as a frimp when I purchased a bottle of Arcana’s La Befana from someone in an LJ sale. It sounds promising, though. Let’s find out!

In the imp it’s sweet, a combination of coconut and vanilla with something else lightening it up. Maybe the vanilla flower? It’s definitely not a rich, buttery, tropical kind of coconut. On skin it’s a bit less sweet and I get more of the vanilla flower. I’m not a fan of florals, generally, but this works for me. It seems to just keep the rest of the notes from diving head on into foody dessert territory. I don’t get much pumpkin from this at all – it’s mostly just vanilla, coconut, and a light floral to my nose. After wearing for a while a bit of spiciness that I think might be the pumpkin comes out, but it’s not pronounced. After a few hours it’s just sort of warm and sweet with hints of coconut and vanilla.  It’s a nice scent and the lasting power is excellent, but I don’t love it.

Would I buy it again? Well, I didn’t buy it, so let’s say, “would I buy a bottle of it now that I’ve smelled it?” And the answer is no. It’s nice and I’ll use my sample, but it doesn’t grab me in a way that makes me feel compelled to seek out a bottle of it.

Available from: Violette Market (does not appear to be available for purchase at this time)

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