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About 6 vanillas and three toffees and a big glop of butter and cream on it all. Vanilla on top of vanilla with a very gooey and butter laden liquid toffee encapsulation. This is really strong really concentrated vanilla in so many of it’s incarnations that you might very well o.d. on it.

Believe it or not, this is my first and only Posset. I’ve been aware of the brand for a while, and they do have a few scents I’d love to try (Cri de Coeur, Strawberry Heart, and the Washington State one mostly), but I’m hesitant to open the door to another company. I’ve got such a collector’s mentality that I find it difficult to just dabble, if that makes sene – once I start I feel the need to try everything and keep up with new releases and whatnot. It’s dangerous. Plus I’m weird about packaging, and I don’t find theirs very attractive. So I’ve stayed away from Possets, but I ended up with this little imp anyway, which was included as an extra freebie when I purchased some oils through an LJ sale.

In the imp, Reason smells like caramel, but there’s a sharpness to it… it sort of smells like butterscotch schnapps or some sort of toffee liquor. On skin it smells mostly the same, though the sharpness softens a bit after a few minutes, leaving behind a buttery toffee scent. It’s not bad but there’s something about it I don’t love – there’s a strange sort of powderiness underneath the toffee. It’s not nearly as creamy or rich as the description would lead you to believe, and while I definitely get vanilla from this, it’s not the explosion of vanilla I expected. It’s almost synthetic-smelling.

It’s okay. It doesn’t do much for me. Honestly it started to give me a headache after a while.

Would I buy it again? Nope. This is one I don’t really care for at all. It definitely didn’t do anything to convince me to break my self-imposed Possets ban.

Available from: Possets

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