ohwto samovar


A warm cup of tea always at the ready. Three teas, Thyme, Honey, Pennyroyal, & Saffron.

Samovar was part of One Hand Washes The Other’s Winter release in 2012. I love notes of tea, honey, and thyme in scents, so I had to pick this one up.

In the tube it smells herbal with a bit of sweetness, sort of like those honey-herb cough drops. There is a touch of bitterness from the tea. On skin it’s thyme and tea. The honey is there but it’s not strongly sweet. I don’t really know what pennyroyal and saffron smell like so I can’t say if those notes are asserting themselves or not. Honestly the longer I sniff it the more I get those honey-herb cough drops. It’s not a bad scent, or even a bad thing to be reminded of, it’s just very specific. It makes me think of being sick in bed and loading up on hot tea and honey-herb cough drops. I even get an almost chilly rush when I sniff it that reminds me of popping a mentholated cough drop in my mouth. It’s a little strange but I like it.

Would I buy it again? Hmm. I think so? It’s a very specific scent-memory for me and because of that I don’t think I’ll wear it too often, but I do like it. And I can’t stop sniffing it when it’s on my wrist, which is an indicator that it’s interesting if nothing else.

Available from: OHWTO

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