ohwto not your grandma’s fruitcake


It’s not, it’s really not! Unless your grandma’s from the tropics and throws holiday convention to the wind, anyway. A scent made to whisk you from the frozen tundra straight to the Caribbean- Jackfruit, Acai, Sliced Fruit, Pluots, Passionfruit, Banana, Sugar, Coconut Milk, and Nectarines.

Not Your Grandma’s Fruitcake was part of One Hand Washes The Other’s 2012 Winter release.

In the tube it’s very fruity, with the passionfruit and coconut milk being strongest. On skin I get banana immediately, then passionfruit, coconut milk, and a whole overflowing bowl of unidentifiable “tropical fruit” smells. After the initial burst of banana, the passionfruit remains the strongest element on me. It’s really nice, and not at all your typical winter/cold-weather scent – it smells like something from a summer collection. The banana doesn’t smell fake and the coconut doesn’t smell like suntan oil, so if you normally aren’t into tropical scents for those reasons, you might want to give this a go.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I love banana, coconut, and fruity scents in general so I was destined to like this. I like that it bucks the convention of warm, spicy winter scents, but because I am boring and conventional, I do think this one will have to wait until the weather heats up to get a lot of wear.

Available from: OHWTO (still available for purchase as of this posting)

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