first sniff impressions: haus of gloi



Haus of Gloi Valentine’s goodies!

My (first) order from Haus of Gloi’s Valentine’s release arrived on Friday, less than a week after I placed it! One of the things I love about HoG is that they have a crazy fast TAT, even with newly released and very popular collections. Their new Butterbombs were out of stock when I ordered (they sold out SUPER fast), but I snagged a few of them when they came back into stock a couple days later, and I’ll review those when I receive them.

Anyway, let’s get to it! Full reviews of everything I haven’t already talked about are forthcoming.

Come Hither: My preciousss. This new, reformulated version smell slightly more rosy in the bottle than the original, I think, and maybe a bit more buttery sweet, but it’s still amazing and I love it. I hope the pumpkin butter gets restocked because I reeeally want a backup. Because I am a crazy person. But this is literally one of the only scents I’ve ever thought, “hmm. if I were a signature scent person, this could be it” about. I don’t want to run out ever. I would fill a hidden wall safe with it if I had a hidden wall safe. For the record the pumpkin butter smells more like the original Come Hither. (Full review)

Who Needs Love: This has also been reformulated, but since I never smelled the original that means nothing to me. Nothing! It smells like raspberry truffles. (Full review)

Spring Tonic 1: Lemon-limey and very very fresh. Might snag this in a whipped soap. (Full review)

Something Hopeful: This was my free sample. As before I smell the mandarin and plum in the vial and it’s nice, but I know it’ll go all jasmine and horror on my skin. (Full review)

Vice: Like eating a gooey s’more inside of a Starbucks. Yum. I had a mini scrub in this scent from forever ago and I always meant to order the perfume, but just got around to it.

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