firebird woodsmoke and vanilla


Spicy, smoky, resinous, warm and sweet- with notes of frankincense and myrrh, fir needles, balsam and cedar, on a soft base of vanilla and honey. Brings to mind firewood, incense, cold winter nights. 

I read a lot of rave reviews of this perfume, which is why I ordered a sample when I know full well that smoky scents smell like acrid horror on me. Because sometimes I am not so bright. And peer pressure. Let’s see if it fulfilled its doom potential.

In the imp it smells like incense and Christmas trees. Not so bad. On skin it mostly still smells like incense and Christmas trees, with a hint of smokiness. I don’t get much, if any, honey or vanilla from this, which is unfortunate since I think it would go very well with the rest of the notes. But I also don’t smell like burning, so that’s a plus. It’s actually quite nice – it makes me think of a bonfire in the middle of the woods on a cold night. The smokiness does get stronger as it dries, and alllmost crosses over into being too much for me. It sort of zig-zags across that line actually.

This is a funny one. I remember trying it out when I first got it and not liking it at all. Perhaps aging a bit has helped it out? Or maybe my preferences have evolved. Either way, I don’t completely hate it, which is high praise for a scent with “woodsmoke” in the name. I just wish I got a bit more sweetness.

Would I buy it again? While I don’t hate it – I actually kind of like it – I wouldn’t buy a bottle of it. It’s an interesting scent and if you like smoky, woodsy fragrances I think you’d probably love this one. But it’s not something I would wear often, since it occasionally becomes just a bit too smoky for my taste.

Available from: Firebird Bath & Body

2 thoughts on “firebird woodsmoke and vanilla

  1. I love this one! But I love Alkemia’s Smoke and Mirrors even more! Both of them are really best as layering scents though, especially S&M can rescue me from amost any skin chemistry malfunction!

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