delightful rot blood bath


A sexy, romantic bath with a vampire. Crisp water soaked with rose petals and a trickle of blood and musk.

When I ordered a batch of Delightful Rot samples many moons ago, I didn’t choose Blood Bath – it was included as a free sample with my order. At the time I sniffed it, went “GYEEEYAY,” and put it away. Not my style, no sirree. But that was before The Rose Thing Happened. That thing where I am obsessed with rose smells. So I figured it was time to pull Blood Bath out for a second try. What say you now, nose?

In the imp it smells very wet, like dark, damp soil thick with roses with lots of heavy green leaves. It smells like a graveyard at night. (Speaking of Buffy scents…) On skin I get somewhat less freshly-turned earth and more of a generic floral – the kind of standard “perfume” scent I can’t stand. They give me a headache, and this one is no exception. There are subtle green elements keep it from going completely off the deep end, but unfortunately it’s still way too far in that direction for me.

Would I buy it again? No. I like it in the imp, but it’s terrible on my skin. And it gives me a headache, which you know, not a great selling point. But now I do want to find a wet-roses-and-dirt scent that works with my skin chemistry, because I love the idea of it.

Available from: Delightful Rot

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