alkemia grasslands


A fresh, summery blend of Osmanthus, Hay, Chamomile flowers, Clover tops, Linden blossom, Kentucky Bluegrass, Olive blossoms, White moss, Galbanum, Helichrysum, and Virginia Snakeroot.

This one sounded so good. I’m a sucker for “smells like a wildflower meadow in the spring” or “smells like the woods in november” or “smells like a sunny summer day on the prairie” kind of scents. I want to smell like a pretty place in the middle of nowhere, basically. Plus it has some notes I love in it: chamomile, hay, clover. I am forever searching for a perfume that smells like clover flowers. So it had a lot of promise. Unfortunately, at least for me, it did not live up to any of it.

In the imp it smells very strongly floral. I was holding out hope that it would change once I put it on, but no – on skin it’s the same. I put this on my wrist, brought it up to nose, and actually went “GUGH.” I don’t smell anything that brings to mine a warm, soft, grassy landscape – I just smell “floral.” Very strong, generic floral. The kind of scents that I hate, because they smell like being assaulted by perfume sprayers in department stores and they give me a headache. Which this one did.

I don’t often have to wash a perfume off, but this one drove me to the sink.

Would I buy it again: Very much no.

Available from: Alkemia Perfumes

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