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Warm Baked Goods, Dried Herbs, Sweet Annie, Soft Woods & Fragrant Hearth Smoke.

I wanted Witch’s Cottage as soon as I read a description of it. It sounds totally delicious, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered it this fall, going full-size unsniffed even though I am wary of smoke notes. When I first got it I wasn’t sure if I liked it – it’s not nearly as sweet as I’d expected, much more herbal. But it grew on me. So much so that I bought the burnishing glace as well.

In the bottle I smell herbs and a bit of something woody and sweet. On skin it’s much stronger, but the herbs are still at the front on me. There is a bit of sweetness and spice, like baking cinnamon rolls, under the fragrant herbs but it’s not overpowering. The smoky note is there but it’s very gentle and not acrid at all, which is the problem I tend to have with smoke notes. This one is quite lovely. The combination of scents here is wonderful, at once comforting and warm but also a bit fresh, like walking through the woods on a crisp autumn day. In fact, the description fits the scent so well I want to include it here:

Upon entering the Witch’s Cottage you are greeted with fresh and dried herbs, chamomile flowers, rosemary sprigs, Sweet Annie, Davana, and a hint of crisp apples. A warm undercurrent of luscious baked goods, sweet buns and candied pralines emerges and is followed by mild fragrant woods and a sweet hearth smoke. Witch’s Cottage fragrance is a true journey with loads of atmosphere.

Dead on. It’s just amazing and I love it.

Misc. Notes: Mike says it smells “much sweeter and fruitier” in the bottle and “more herby” on my skin.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. It was a surprise hit for me – well, a surprise in that it’s different than I expected. But I’m glad I gave it a chance, because I really love it. In fact, I’m considering the whipped soap in this scent right now.

Available from: Solstice Scents

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