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Dark Chocolate, Violet, Violet Leaf & Vanilla Absolute

Violet Truffle is part of Solstice Scents’ general catalog. I received it as a free sample with one of my orders last year.

In the imp Violet Truffle smells like chocolate and… soap? Something I can’t put my finger on. Obviously it’s the violet but it doesn’t quite smell like violet to me. On skin the chocolate is somewhat less pronounced, and the violet smells more like itself. It’s sort of a sugary violet, like candied violets on top of a rich chocolate cake. There’s a slight powderiness from the violet, and after wearing for a while the chocolate softens and I get more of the vanilla. By the time a few hours have passed it’s almost entirely a soft vanilla and sugared violet scent. It’s actually quite nice – much nicer than it smelled in the imp – and I’m not generally a fan of florals. This is definitely one for the gourmands, but I can see people who don’t usually like foodie scents enjoying it as well because it’s not a straight-up cake kind of scent.

This is the kind of scent I’d want to wear on Valentine’s Day. Sweet, chocolatey, floral, and very feminine – kind of the holiday embodied in a perfume oil, really.

Would I buy it again? Maybe? I do enjoy the sample quite a bit more than I expected, and the more I smell it the more I think I want a full bottle. But maybe not in an I NEED IT NOW OR I WILL DIE kind of way. Plus Mike really likes it. We’ll see.

Available from: Solstice Scents

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