solstice scents german chocolate cake


germanchocolatecakeMoist layers of rich chocolate cake filled with mouth watering coconut and pecan icing. Contains cocoa and vanilla absolute and fragrance oils.

German Chocolate Cake was part of Solstice Scents’ Valentine’s Day release in 2011 and 2012. It has now been discontinued, but I picked this bottle up from someone in the SS forum.

In the bottle German Chocolate Cake smells like Tootsie Rolls and sweet coconut. Wet on skin I get less chocolate and more of the coconut and pecan icing. It’s very sweet (obviously), but there’s also a sort of sharpness to it… I almost want to say it’s a bit synthetic-smelling, which I’ve never encountered with a SS oil. It’s probably a skin chemistry issue. After a few hours it’s mellowed out, that sharpness is gone, and I get a bit more of that dark cocoa kind of scent. It’s nice but it’s not as chocolate cakey as I was hoping for, if that makes sense.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. It smells delicious in the bottle but it just doesn’t translate to my skin the same way, unfortunately. It doesn’t smell BAD by any means, it’s just not what I hoped it’d be. I’ll give it a few more tries, but it might end up going in the swap pile.

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