solstice scents cocoa mallow


cocoamallowA combination of devilishly tempting rich dark chocolate and fresh sweet marshmallows that will leave you salivating. This perfume has a stronger chocolate start with a subtle hint of marshmallow. After about 15 minutes, the marshmallow starts vying for attention and after 45 minutes to an hour, it has muscled its way through as the victor and prevalent lingering fragrance. A bit sweet, but not cloyingly so. Utterly divine and tantalizingly delicious.

Hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. The Swiss Miss packet kind. In the bottle and on the skin, that’s what comes to mind. Yum. Once it’s on for a while I get a slight musky note that keeps it from being über-sweet, but it’s still all chocolatey goodness, definitely a foodie scent. The marshmallow never gets terribly strong on me – it’s there, but it never comes to the fore the way the description says it will. Skin chemistry, ymmv, etc. It’s a very linear scent on me, and once it’s settled into that warm, snuggly, musky hot cocoa it stays that way for the duration. As with most of Solstice Scents’, well, scents, the throw and lasting power are both good – I can easily smell it on myself for about 6 hours, but it’s still sniffable on my wrists after 12+.

The piece of tape on the bottle? It’s to protect the name. They’re hand-written on the labels, which looks lovely, but it’s easily smudged by oily fingers. Tape seems to do a decent job of keeping it legible. That little issue is my only beef with Solstice Scents’ packaging. Otherwise I think it’s lovely; the cobalt blue bottles are substantial, unique, and so pretty.

Would I buy it again? Yep. See above re: warm, snuggly, and yummy. It’s a great cold weather scent. I’m not sure it’s one I’ll need in multiple formats – a glace might be a bit much – but if I ever see a whipped soap pop up in this scent I’ll probably grab it.

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