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But it smells so REAL! Lemon-filled butter cake with thick, fluffy frosting. Lemon, Sugar, Cake batter & Frosting. Reformulated and added to the full-time list of Private Stock fragrances, TCIAL was originally a limited edition for Winter of 2011.

Let’s get right to the point: The Cake Is A Lie smells SO GOOD. It smells like cake. Obviously. Buttery lemon cake with lemon zest-studded frosting. I want to eat it. I literally want to put the stick of solid scent goo in my mouth and chew it up.

I won’t though! Because I’m an adult. Also it’s perfume and not a tube of cake, though you’d be forgiven for making that mistake. In the (cake) tube, The Cake Is A Lie smells just like the description. On my skin the lemon gets a little brighter and tarter, like the zest by itself. But the cakey goodness is still there. It’s light for a sweet foodie scent, thanks to the citrus, and while it does smell like cake it’s not what I’d call overly sugary or cloyingly sweet.

I passed on this one when it first came out because I figured I had enough sweet lemon scents, but then I got a sample of it in a different order and loooooved it so much that I had to throw a tube into my cart when I ordered from the winter scent release. I’m really glad this one got added to the general catalog, because it is YUM. The lemon smells a bit similar to OHWTO’s Carnivale, but that’s more lemon and fizzy orange soda while this is definitely zesty, buttery lemon cake.

Misc. Notes: When I made Mike smell this he said, “See, this is the problem with these things, I just want to eat them.”

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. It’s delicious.

Available from: OHWTO

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