ohwto sticky fingers



A light, white scent comprised entirely of foody notes. Keep away from children and pets and anyone who doesn’t know better than to eat perfume. No, really. Creamy white chocolate, gooey marshmallow, a plump dollop of cream cheese frosting, tonka bean absolute, and warmed coconut milk.

Sticky Fingers was part of One Hand Washes The Other’s Halloween 2012 release. I picked it up because white chocolate, marshmallow, frosting, coconut, get in my basket.

In the tube I get white chocolate and sugary sweet coconut, like the frosting on a coconut cupcake. On skin it’s very slightly less sweet and the white chocolate is a bit stronger, but mostly the same. It’s coconut frosting. Ergo, yum.

This is pretty much what I wanted Haus of Gloi’s Coconut Bon Bon to smell like, now that I’m thinking about it. It has pretty good lasting power too, which is always a bonus.

Would I buy it again? Yep. It’s not a complicated scent, but it’s sweet and yummy and I’m a sucker for foodie perfumes.

Available from: OHWTO, but I don’t think it’s actually available anymore. Maybe next Halloween!

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