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Hi, my name is Amanda and I have a problem with smells. I like them. I like them a lot. Some might say too much. Some like the overloaded top of my dresser and underloaded bank account, perhaps. I have a large and plentiful (and ever-growing) collection, it’s true. I find things I love, wear them incessantly for a week or two, and then put them in the perfume box with all the rest and go back to searching for my new preciousss. It’s a vicious and lovely-smelling cycle that I don’t have a ton of interest in breaking, to be honest – sure, it’s hoarding, but it’s not like I’m hoarding cats or creepy dolls or half-eaten sandwiches or something.

But in the interest of validating and/or enabling my addiction (and maybe providing a valuable public service at the same time? indie perfume reviews are hard to find sometimes), I’ve decided to start a blog to review all the stuff I’ve amassed over the years. Hopefully it will help me pare down my collection a bit (to make room for new things I’ll love more, of course) and help someone out there who’s Googling “__random indie scent__ review” in vain.

Justification is fun, kids! Try it at home!

Anyway. I’ll probably do these one at a time instead of reviewing everything I own from a given company at once, because depending on the company those would be some insanely long and unreadable posts. My very loose plan is to post one review a day, but we’ll see how long that momentum keeps up.

Also, I will probably post about stuff other than perfume occasionally, which is why I didn’t name this blog something like “Smellovision” or “Through the Smelloscope,” although I was tempted by the last one. Nothing I own smells as bad as a giant garbage ball threatening to destroy New New York, though. Thank god.

Enough chatter, let’s do this thing already.

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