hau of gloi eggnoggin


eggnogginThe Haus ‘nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg.

Eggnoggin is from the Yule collection. I got mine in 2012 but I believe this one has been recurring for at least the last two winters or so. It came in all sorts of formats but I only picked up the whipped soap and mini pumpkin butter.

This smells exactly like the name. It’s like opening up a carton of egg nog (or in my case, soy nog) – creamy, rummy, spicy from the nutmeg. The scent is quite strong in the whipped soap, sharper and heavier on the rum. There are little brown flecks in the soap – nutmeg, I’m assuming – and it’s a nice touch. It really does look like something you’d want to eat. This was my first whipped soap from HoG and it’s a nice product – the jar feels crazy light because the soap is full of air and I assumed I’d use it up super quickly, but I’ve been using mine regularly since mid-November and I’ve still got a little more than half of it left. You don’t need much to create a nice lather, so the jar will last longer than you think. Plus it feels like soaping up with whipped cream, which is just fun.

The pumpkin butter has more of a creamy custard smell, both in the jar and on my skin. The scent isn’t crazy strong, but it lasts quite a long time and even though it’s subtle I do catch whiffs of it throughout the day. One of the nice things about it being such a mild, creamy scent is that I can wear it under any perfume instead of worrying about trying to match them up. Either way it’s just as lovely and moisturizing as usual, so thumbs up.

Would I buy it again? I’m already halfway through the whipped soap and about the same on the mini pumpkin butter. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more products in this scent – it’s nice but unremarkable for me, especially in the pumpkin butter – but I’ll certainly use what I have and would maybe pick up a new whipped soap next year if they’re offered again.

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