first sniff impressions: sarawen perfume art

sarawen1I’ve been wanting to try out Sarawen’s perfume oils for a while now, but just recently got around to it. I picked up full-sized 5 ml roller balls of Girl on Fire, The Baker’s Boy, and Beer n’ Butter. I loooved The Hunger Games in case you couldn’t guess. Also Harry Potter. Also strawberries, cake, and butterscotch. I am weak. And a huge dork. Who likes cake.

ANYWAY. They arrived yesterday, so it’s time for another round of…

First sniff impressions! Full reviews to come.

Girl on Fire: I’m getting mostly herbs with a bit of sweetness and tang from the strawberry.

The Baker’s Boy: This doesn’t smell like cake. Okay, there’s a little cake, but it’s not very sweet at all. I’m getting lots of amber. Amber, why must you ruin things for me? Hopefully this is different on.

Beer n’ Butter: Smoky butterscotch. (Full review)

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