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My Winter goodies from OHWTO arrived a few days ago! Huzzah. I have to admit I was a little worried, my order didn’t ship until a good while after the stated TAT, but now I’ve got my grubby mitts on it just the same so in the end I’m satisfied. Plus there was an extra full-sized bottle of perfume oil included in my order, I guess just because Becca is amazing and super generous? It’s happened before, actually – I’ve gotten extra goodies in my orders a few times, and while I would never expect it it’s certainly a wonderful surprise. This time I got a full bottle of a scent called “Stuffed Stockings,” which I can’t find a description of to save my life – it’s not in the winter listings on the OHWTO website or anywhere. So I don’t know anything about it, except that it smells AMAZING. Like it might be my favorite thing in the whole order and I didn’t even order it. Ridiculous.

Here’s what I got, and initial “first sniff” impressions. Full reviews to come!

It’s Just Fruit: Buttery fruit. This one is so yummy. (Full review)

Samovar: Tea and something herbal and a little sweet. (Full review)

Holiday Cheer: Sweet and spicy. (Full review)

Not Your Grandma’s Fruitcake: Light and fruity. Very fresh for a winter scent. I smell banana. (Full review)

Orenjipai: Creamsicle. (Full review)

The Cake is a Lie: Delicious lemon cake. (Full review)

Winter Vacation: Spicy cocoa and something minty. This one is kind of chilly. (Full review)

Stuffed Stockings: Rich and sweet and almost a little fizzy? I definitely get orange, and maybe chocolate. It smells incredible.

O Holy Night: Church.

White Lily: Inoffensive floral.

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  1. I got the stuffed stockings perfume too and am totally addicted! I’m also thinking orange zest and dark chocolate, but also freshly baked cookies? I thought it was orenjipai but I guess it’s just a special christmas gift scent.

    Great reviews by the way :)

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