first sniff impressions: arcana


soapboxco1The way I’ve been doing these reviews so far is to talk about whatever perfume I’m wearing that particular day. It encourages me to branch out into my collection instead of wearing the same thing over and over. But today I woke up late and in my rush to get out the door, things like perfume and makeup and opening my eyes all the way kind of got left behind. So instead I’m going to do something a little different.

I placed an order from The Soap Box Company shortly after the new year, because I wanted some Arcanas and they were waiving shipping charges over a certain amount. What can I say? Free shipping draws me in like a moth to a flickering porch light. It’s a sickness. It arrived yesterday (3 business days after I placed my order – love that!) and I thought I’d share my immediate thoughts about what I got.

“First sniff” impressions! All straight from the bottle. Full reviews to come.

Puppy Kisses: Yummy minty coconut with some kind of melty undertone. Heavier on the mint.

The Darling Buds: Floral, but not a bad floral. Very fresh. I get the cucumber up front and a whiff of strawberry. (Reviewed!)

Angel Clare: Sort of powdery and a little sweet? I don’t get much apple unless I really smell for it.

Quim: I can’t decide if I’m smelling bubblegum or a Terry’s dark chocolate orange. (Full review)

Leaves Falling Like Rain: Sort of bready, maybe a little bit of orange? I don’t think those notes are in the description at all. This smells exactly like something¬†but I can’t put my finger on it. (Full review)

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