arcana solstice sugar



Rejoice in the return of the sweet sun-child throughout all the jolly festivals of the Winter Solstice. The scent of warmest celebrations and Yuletide feasts with notes of toasty almonds, apple cakes, baking spices and honeyed mead.

In the bottle, Solstice Sugar smells like sweet almonds and honey – almost an amaretto scent. I get a tiny bit of apple. Wet on skin the almond is less sharp, and I smell the apple cakes and baking spice more. It honestly smells exactly like warm baked apple bread or cake with toasted almonds and a generous amount of honey drizzled on top. It’s really delicious and a wonderful fall/winter scent. It sticks around for a long while and has good throw too, which is always a bonus.

Misc. Notes: Mike came into the room right after I put this on and asked, “why do you smell like apple pie?”

Would I buy it again? Yes, definitely.

Available from: I picked mine up in an LJ sale, and I’m not sure if this particular scent is still available, but Arcana oils are sold at Scent Addict and The Soap Box Co among other places.

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