122: sixteen92 la llarona


La Llarona is a new addition to the Sixteen92 catalogue, and I received a sample with my recent Circle and EDP order.

“Deep in earth my love is lying
And I must weep alone.”
– Edgar Allan Poe

Bulgarian and Egyptian rose absolute, pink and white pepper, pink grapefruit, wisteria, cashmere wood, pale amber.

In the vial, La Llarona is spicy and a little floral-fruity. It smells like vintage perfume.

Wet one skin it’s more peppery – pepper and soft grapefruit. After a minute or so the floral elements come out more. It’s an old-fashioned rose, not sweet, but not too perfumey either. The base is musky, very slightly woody, and kind of velvety.

The pepper and cashmere wood both get a bit stronger as it dries. The grapefruit is an interesting, tart, slightly sour complement.

This perfume isn’t to my particular taste – too peppery, too floral (though it is less floral than I expected) – but I like it in concept. It really does feel like modern take on old-fashioned perfume.

Elevator Pitch: A spicy, peppery floral scent with a grapefruit tang over a base of velvety woods. La Llarona smells quite vintage.

117-121: sixteen92 summer circle review



Hello, gentle readers! It’s been a while. My schedule was seriously crazy for a while, and as soon as my workload lightened I managed to sprain my back working out. Which: ow, avoid this at all costs. So I’m sidelined from my usual leisure time activities for a while, which sucks mightily, but also leaves me with no excuse for neglecting the blog. I’ve been spending my minor convalesence reading, catching up on podcasts and tv (including my new obsession, Outlander – which is also occupying the reading category), and yes, working through my massive backlog of perfume. I am, it goes without saying, dreadfully behind on my review-a-day project, but hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that before too long.

And as a first step in that direction, I present to you Sixteen92’s summer collection! My summer Circle subscription arrived earlier this week, and I’ve now tested out all five of the samples included. The inspiration behind this one was the Jazz Age of the 1920’s, and the scents lean toward the fruity end of the spectrum, which is always okay by me.

The Beautiful & Damned: Sparkling pink grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry, and currant with soft violet, gardenia, and tahitian vanilla absolute.

In the vial TB&D is more floral than I was expecting – gardenia and violet over a sparkling grapefruit cocktail. Wet on skin the gardenia is strongest, but there’s a good dose of bright fruitiness as well. The sweet berries are more noticeable on skin, as opposed to the bubby grapefruit I got in the bottle. The floral elements get stronger as it dries, and soapier as the violet, well, for lack of a better word… blooms.

My skin tends to amp florals, especially white florals and violets, and I’m not fond of either scent to begin with, so The Beautiful & The Damned was probably never meant to be for me. And it’s not. The fruits are nice, but I can’t with the gardenia and violet. At all. This one got scrubbed off.

Elevator Pitch: Gardenia and soapy violet over a sweet cocktail of berries. More floral than fruity,

Blood & Honey: Blood orange, wildflower honey (vegan), pale amber, honeysuckle.

In the vial, Blood & Honey is a resinous honey scent with a lightly floral edge. Wet on skin the honey is super strong, all golden and dripping. After a minute or so a slightly bitter orange comes out. The honey note here is wonderful, and gets even richer as it dries. The lightly floral honeysuckle peeks out just a bit – this isn’t really a floral scent at all.

I didn’t completely love the bitter orange at first, but as it dries down it does provide a nice complement to the deep, sweet honey. It smells like some sort of honey candy, maybe one of those flavored honey straws you find beside the cash register at farmers’ markets and little country stores. I really like this one. It’s quite strong, too, with good sillage and lasting power, which is something that can be a bit lacking for me with Sixteen92’s scents, so that’s a real bonus. I put it on before I went to bed last night and can still smell it pretty plainly this morning.

Elevator Pitch: Sweet, golden honey is the star of the show, with a touch of bitter orange and a faint whiff of honeysuckle.

Eternal Return: Peat moss and damp garden soil, tomato leaf, beetroot, grass, herbs, lavender spikes, galbanum, sun-warmed oak bark.

In the vial, Eternal Return smells, well, like a garden. Sharply green and fresh with dark, damp soil. Wet on skin the sharp green galbanum is strongest, but the other notes bloom very quickly and I can smell fresh, fuzzy tomato leaf, herbal lavender, and damp soil and peat moss. It smells very literally like digging in a garden – our garden, full of lavender, herbs, and tomato plants (among other things, like brussels sprouts, because get in me), which we planted in a raised bed in our back yard about a month ago. It’s exactly that, and stays as such throughout wear.

I like this one. It’s not an everyday scent for me – I’d actually love it as a candle or room scent – but it’s so spot-on to digging in a garden that I can’t help but enjoy it, and I can definitely see wearing it occasionally when the weather is particularly hot. However, given that the sillage and lasting power are quite low, it won’t be a full size purchase.

Elevator Pitch: Sharp green galbanum, fuzzy tomato leaf, and herbal lavender over dark, damp soil and peat moss. Eternal Return smells exactly like digging in a new garden, before the plants have really taken off.

Paper Moon: Soft vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, trailing ivy, peach blossom, tea rose.

In the vial, Paper Moon is lovely – soft vanilla musk and light, sweet peach. Wet on skin the peach is a bit stronger, and the vanilla musk takes on a very slightly deeper spicy quality. A tiny bit woody and resinous. The vanilla musk reminds me a bit of Solstice Scents White Fox, but more delicate. It’s really beautiful. Soft, sweet, and comforting. This is hands down my favorite from the summer collection, and I plan to pick up a full size bottle for sure, and an EDP too if it makes it to that format.

I’ve heard some comparisons drawn between Paper Moon and Talia, the limited edition scent included in one of the past Hello Waffle Visage boxes. I’m not a Visage subscriber, but I managed to acquire Talia secondhand, and the two do share some similarities. Paper Moon is sweeter, though, and fruitier. I really love both.

Elevator Pitch: Soft, fuzzy vanilla musk and light, sweet peach with just a tiny bit of resinous, woody spice. Beautiful.

Theda: Tart sangria infused with ripe summer fruits (white peach, nectarine, berries, citrus), dark vanilla, wild vines, rose absolute.

In the vial, Theda smells exactly like sangria – boozy fermented fruits and dark, syrupy sweet vanilla. Wet on skin the boozy element is softer, and it smells mostly like very sweet summer fruits and dark vanilla. As it dries down the tart booziness comes out again, and it really does smell just like sangria or some other fruit-filled summer cocktail.

I like Theda quite a bit. It extremely summery, perfect for drinking fruity cocktails on humid nights. A definite bottle purchase.

Elevator Pitch: Boozy fermented fruits and dark vanilla – sweet and tart, pretty much spot-on sangria.

Overall Thoughts: I really like this collection! It’s easily my favorite seasonal release from sixteen92 thus far. Paper Moon is my #1 with a bullet – I just adore it. Theda and Blood & Honey round out my favorites list. I like Eternal Return but am content with my sample since it disappears pretty quickly. The Beautiful & Damned is the only scent I can say I dislike – it’s just too floral for me.

This collection goes live over at Sixteen92 on May 29th at 9 am central standard time (so 10 am if you’re on the east coast like me). I’ll be there to pick up bottles of Paper Moon, Theda, and Blood & Honey. Claire has said that some of the summer scents will be released as EDPs as well, but probably not right away. I’m crossing my fingers for Paper Moon, myself, because I want to cover myself in this scent in every possible way. It’s wonderful.

116: haunt may queen


may_queenThe beginning of May seems like an appropriate a time to finally pull out one of my long-untried Haunt scents – May Queen.

Forest berries of black, blue, and elder, silver needle tea, a hawthorn bower, moist earth, and sweet davana flowers.

In the bottle, May Queen is all earthy berries and tea, very slightly sour.

Wet on skin the tartness is mostly gone and the earthiness is stronger. Lightly sweet. The tea note is a tiny bit dusty.

The tea gets a little stronger as it dries – it smells like drinking berry tea in a clearing in the woods. I don’t always like tea scents, and if I’m being really honest I’d like this scent better without the tea, but it’s inoffensive here. The sweet berries and dusty earth are nice enough that I don’t really mind it. And it doesn’t give me a headache, which is always a plus. Black tea is the main headache culprit for me, and this smells more like white tea. But in any case, it’s not a head-over-heels love situation; I like it, but wouldn’t cry if I lost/broke the bottle somehow. (Which is a real fear I have. It was reinforced recently when I dropped one of my sample boxes and one vial smashed to bits on the floor. Quelle horreur!)

Not much sillage, unfortunately, and it’s pretty fleeting, which is an issue I have with most Haunt scents. I haven’t seen enough other reviews to know if it’s a skin chemistry thing or if it’s just a general brand thing.

Elevator Pitch: Lightly sweet berries, dusty earth, and tea.

115: darling clandestine mayfly


mayflyI’d heard a lot about Mayfly and how disappointed people were that it was discontinued, so when Evonne brought back a reinvented version, I knew I had to try it out.

This is the new, reinvented version of my original Mayfly fragrance. I’ve kept the initial inspiration for Mayfly—the hot, heavy, vapor-rising-from-the-pavement flash of an early summer rain—but I’ve made the florals a bit greener, a bit twangier. Opens deceptively sweet with notes of plum blossom, lilac and other damp, delicate budding blossoms, then gets deeper and jade-greener and muddier and woodier. Petals on a wet, black bough.

In the bitsy, Mayfly is dark and ozoney. A little green, a little floral.

Wet on skin it’s sharply floral on a canvas of black ozone – dark, sharp, thin. As it dries it gets a bit greener, a bit muddier and more earthy. There is still a sharpness to it that I don’t love, though. It’s the combination of ozone and floral elements; they come together to create a scent that reminds me very strongly of laundry detergent or dryer sheets. That’s not the only thing I smell here, of course, but it’s there. It sort of fades in and out of prominence as the earthy green elements wax and wane. Further into wear those are stronger in general, and I get more of the “vapor rising from pavement” vibe mentioned in the description. However, it does always smell just a bit like laundry detergent to me.

I do really enjoy parts of Mayfly, and I don’t dislike it as a whole, but it’s not my favorite from DC and I’m happy with just a bitsy. I was originally tempted by a full bottle because I’m a sucker for rain-on-pavement/petrichor scents, but in my opinion La La La, All Right (which should hopefully be back soon so I can finally get a bottle and stop rationing my bitsy, my preciousss) is a lot more along those lines than Mayfly.

Elevator Pitch: Sharp floral and green elements on a base of dark black ozone. Gets greener and earthier as it wears, but always smells just a bit like laundry detergent.

107-114: long overdue summer simplicities from blooddrop



In the immortal words of Miss Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat: two steps forward, two steps back. Things are still crazy busy around here, but I finally managed to tackle some reviews over the weekend – a bunch of Summer Simplicities from Blooddrop.

Summer Simplicities, you say! But it’s not summer yet! No, it is not. These are actually LAST YEAR’S Summer Simplicities. That’s how long it’s taken me to get around to testing them out, which is really just the saddest. Obviously none of these are available right now, but maybe some of them will be when this year’s summer simplicities come around? Maybe that. Also I just really wanted to get them out of my “to review” pile.

107: Beach Towel: This is as if you left the scent of your tropical vacation smothered into your plush beach towel; warm skin, coconut, fruity cocktails, tanning lotion, and your paramour’s earthy scent.

Surprisingly perfumey. I mostly get musk and coconut in the vial, like suntan oil (don’t use suntan oil, kids) on warm skin. Wet on skin it’s all suntan oil at first, but then it gets really strongly musky and perfumey. I don’t really get any coconut or fruit. It smells like a scented candle that would be called “Summer Nights” or, well, “Beach Towel.”

108: Strawberry Soda: Sticky, sweet, and quite possibly the only soda that leaves you feeling thirsty after drinking it!

The most artificial strawberry. Syrupy, sugary, chemical strawberry. Wet on skin it smells, well, like strawberry soda. Artificial strawberry with a bit of fizz.

109: Blackberry Soda: Sticky, sweet blackberry soda.

I love blackberries. This doesn’t smell like blackberries. I have a hard time distinguishing it from Strawberry Soda, to be honest. It’s all just super-sweet, sugary, chemical fruit. On skin it has a similar fizz to Strawberry Soda, but it’s less syrupy sweet and a little more tart.

110: Orange Creamsicle: Deliciously wonderful orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream.

In the vial, this smells EXACTLY like orange sherbert. Creamy orange, kind of artificial. There’s a little bit of a chewable vitamins thing going on too – a kind of powdery vitamin c edge. Wet on skin it’s more chewable vitamins, but the creamy sherbert-ness comes out after a bit. This smells good but so, so artificial. It’s like one of those orange dreamsicles coated in crushed up Flintstones chewables.

111: Peach Pie: Summer’s delight; peaches baked in a sugared, buttery pie crust.

Does what it says on the tin: peach pie. Sweet, syrupy peaches and buttery brown sugar. Wet on skin it’s juicier, with the peaches taking center stage. It’s not a complex scent (obviously, these are simplicities) and it still does smell just a touch artificial to my nose, but it’s a nice peach. This is the only one of the bunch that I actually like.

112: Sea Shell: An accord of oceanic notes; sand, ozone, warm sun, scraggly beach pines, seaweed, and salt air.

Beach house bathroom candle. Wet on skin it’s more subtle and warm, but only for a minute – it gets really strong and ozoney really quickly. It smells like an air freshener interpretation of a beach scent. Do not like.

113: Vanilla Tea: Gentle white tea infused with vanilla bean.

Blerrrrgh. I ordered this one before I figured out that Blooddrop’s tea notes are usually pretty terrible on/to me. This is like… really strongly artificial vanilla-flavored tea. Wet on skin it’s oddly fruity at first, but then does smell like huffing a vanilla-scented tea bag.

114: Watermelon: The ripest of the ripe minus the seeds!

Watermelon Big League Chew. Or Hubba Bubba. Serious watermelon bubblegum. Wet on skin it’s a bit less bubble gum-y, and a little more like watermelon juice or watermelon sorbet. As with most of these, it smells pretty artificial to me. Not bad, necessarily, but more like gum or sugary candy than real fruit.

Overall Thoughts: Obviously I didn’t have much success with most of these. Blooddrop is really hit-or-miss for me, emphasis on the miss. There are a handful of scents I’ve really enjoyed (Les Madeleines, Charming, Epona, At the Diner After Rocky, and a few others), but the Simplicities especially tend to skew too artificial or perfumey for me, and that was definitely the case here. The only one of the bunch I’ll be keeping around is Peach Pie – the rest are destined for the swap pile.

104, 105, 106: more from arcana’s meow collection



I’ve got three more from Arcana’s Meow collection today – Fanning the Fur, Jabberwocking, and Paddling the Pink Canoe. (In case this is your first exposure to the collection, yep, they are all euphemisms for female masturbation!)

My reviews of the other three scents in this collection can be found here.

Fanning the Fur:  Almond, vetiver, luxuriant amber resin, coconut milk, peru balsam, and whiskey.

In the vial, Fanning the Fur smells really luxurious – sharp, sweet almond, rich amber and coconut, a kick of whisky, and deep, musky vetiver.

Wet on skin the vetiver is softer – the sweet almond, amber, coconut, and whiskey are strongest. It’s rich and deep, and very nice.

As it dries, the vetiver gets stronger, dampening the thick sweetness. Further on, it takes on a sharp, almost anise-like edge. At first I wasn’t sure I liked this one, at least on dry down, but I kept catching whiffs of it when I moved my hands around, and the word “intoxicating” springs to mind. I still wouldn’t say I like it, but it’s definitely interesting. Not a bottle purchase, but I’ll keep my decant.

Sillage is quite strong on this one.

Elevator Pitch: Fanning the Fur starts off rich and sweet, all almond, amber, coconut, and whisky, and dries down to a deep, musky scent with a sharp, anise-like edge and a heavy dose of vetiver.

Jabberwocking:  Fresh gingerroot with ginger grass, strawberry, satsuma, raspberry, ruby grapefruit, apricot, chai, and green musk.

Oh wow. In the vial, Jabberwocking is fresh, intensely fruity, juicy, and sharp. Lots of strawberry, grapefruit, and apricot with sharp fresh ginger.

Wet on skin – apricot, ginger, grapefruit, orange, a bit of spice, and touch of bitter green. Pretty much in that order. It’s fruity, but less juicy than on cold sniff.

As it dries, ginger and grapefruit stand out as the most prominent players. It’s bright and energetic, but not as bubbly or zingy as grapefruit/ginger blends can often be. Further into wear, I start to get more apricot and strawberry again, and the whole blend gets a bit sweeter and less sharp.

The chai and green musk are what scared me off of a full bottle of this one right off the bat, but I’m pleased to say that both are fairly subtle. The chai provides a nice bit of warmth and spice to balance the bevy of fruits.

This one’s a keeper. My favorite out of these three scents for sure, and a definitely bottle purchase.

Elevator Pitch: A bright, fruity scent – lots of grapefruit, apricot, and strawberry, with sharp, fresh ginger and a touch of warm spice. Sharper and more grapefruit/ginger-heavy to start, it’s sweeter and smoother as it dries.

Paddling the Pink Canoe: Dragonsblood, vintage patchouli, citron, pink salt, pink musk, and amber.

Ooh. In the vial, Padding the Pink Canoe is musky and salty with a bit of citrus. Really interesting.

Wet on skin it’s citrus and resins, salty and musky and sweet.

As it dries it takes on a bit of a clean laundry edge, though I’m not sure where that’s coming from exactly. It’s not unpleasant, but it is a bit too strong for me, and not my personal jam regardless.

I really like the initial application on this one – I just wish it stuck around longer! The dry down doesn’t do much for me, sadly. Again, good sillage.

Elevator Pitch: Paddling the Pink Canoe starts out salty, musky, and sweet, all citrus and resins, but dries down to something almost clean laundry-esque.

102 & 103: blooddrop holding hands & loves me



Two today! And you can still buy them, even. It’s a brave new world, kids.

Not much from Blooddrop’s Valentine’s Day release appealed to me (aside from Charming, which I already have), so I only picked up two decants out of seven scents. In retrospect I kind of wish I’d grabbed Just Because, but I’ll survive.

Holding Hands: A sweet, kind, loving and carefree scent of plum, peaches, amber, myrrh, rosemary, and skin milk.

In the vial, Holding Hands is a golden, fruity sort of scent – peach and plum, thick resins, and a bit of rosemary. It’s really lovely.

Wet on skin, the rosemary is surprisingly prominent, and its earthy green herbal scent goes nicely with the resinous fruits. The combination is deeper than I would’ve expected from cold sniff.

The peach and plum come out a bit more as it dries, getting sweeter and juicier. The rosemary, myrrh, and amber blend together nicely and ground the fruits well, so it’s a little more interesting than just a light, juicy spring peach scent would be. Not that there’s anything wrong with light, juicy spring peach scents. I love that shit.

I’m honestly not sure what “skin milk” is. I keep reading it as “skim milk,” which, no. If I had to guess I’d say it’s giving the scent a sweet, sort of musky vibe, but whatever it may be, I like this one quite a bit. I don’t think it’s quite bottle-worthy (I’m getting pickier in my old age/as I come face to face with the horrifying reality of the size of my perfume stash), but I’ll definitely keep my decant around.

Elevator Pitch: Juicy peach and plum over an earthy base of rosemary and resins. Lightly musky, not too sweet.

Loves Me: Requited love! A lush, beautiful scent of Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, oud, Bourbon vanilla, and cream.

In the vial, Loves Me starts out with a nice rose, sweet-ish, a bit of cream… and then oud. I’m not historically a big fan of oud, and it’s giving me the same sort of curry vibe here that turned me off of Darling Clandestine’s Tyto, though it was much stronger in that case.

Wet on skin, it’s rose, curry, and cream. Frankly the combination is sort of revolting. Obviously this is a serious YMMV situation, because by all accounts oud smells lovely, but man alive this one is not working for me.

As it dries it gets a quite powdery, and the rose gets stronger, skewing it more toward the “old lady rose perfume” side of things. It gets really unappealingly perfumey as it wears. And there’s always that vague whiff of curry underneath.

NOPE. Sweet jesus, I hate this scent.

Elevator Pitch: Loves Me starts out as a creamy, sweet-ish rose scent, but gets very powdery and perfumey as it dries. The oud smells distractingly of curry at first, but mostly fades. Mostly.

101: arcana cupid the archer: silver


cupid_silverPetitgrain, sweet coconut, Omani frankincense, tiare petals, and silvery narcissus.

In the bottle, Cupid the Archer: Silver is a sweet, resinous floral scent with a sharp green snap.

Wet on skin it’s very strong, mostly floral and bitter green from the petitgrain. As it wears, it gets a touch sweeter and the coconut comes out a bit, making it a little tropical-smelling, but not nearly so much as something like Nacre or Apples Crave The Tropics. The resinous frankincense wafts around noticeably too, but it remains a very floral scent on my skin.

Sillage is, as with most Arcana scents, stronger than average.

I’m not hugely into this one, but I didn’t expect to be. I don’t really like floral scents, and petigrain is a note I often find too bitter and abrasive. If these things are your jam, however, I’d definitely give Silver a shot.

Elevator Pitch: A strong floral scent, lightly sweet and a tiny bit tropical, with resinous frankincense and bitter green petitgrain.

90-100: blooddrop winter simplicities II



I’m not even going to get into how behind on the review-a-day count I am; it’s painful. JK: I’m 18 reviews behind. EIGHTEEN. Ugh. So in an effort to catch up a bit, here are quick-fire reviews of Blooddrop’s Winter Simplicities (part 2).

These aren’t available anymore, so… sorry about that… but here they are for posterity. I thought I had a decant of Roasted Nuts, but I’ve had this package sitting on my desk for quite a while so I’m guessing I misplaced it somewhere along the line. Sadness.

90: Brioche: Sweet, wonderful brioche bread accord. Delicious!

HOLY YUM. In the vial this is sweet, buttery bread. It smells the same on skin, like a delicious croissant (or, you know, brioche). I love this one.

91: Dandelion: Bright, green, yellow, and very Spring-y!

In the vial: PERFECTION. Fresh, soft green, like holding a buttery dandelion under your nose. It’s mostly the same on skin, though it gets perhaps just a touch perfumey. I find that to be the case with most of Blooddrop’s grassy scents. But mostly this one is lovely.

92: Forest Soil: A dirt accord with forest notes.

Not what I was expecting. A strong, abrasive dirt scent with sharp pine. Not the kind of dirt scent I like… it smells like an “forest breeze” air freshener. On skin it smells like Pine-Sol. Blech.

93: Golden Accord No. 1: A blend of amber, myrrh, vanilla, orange, musk and soft florals to create this golden accord that has an ever so slight foody touch to it.

In the vial – musky orange and vanilla with a bit of incense. On skin the amber and myrrh get a little stronger, and then a lot stronger. It mostly drowns out the orange/vanilla creamsicle goodness, alas. This one also gave me a headache.

94: Guava: Lush, ripe, and exotic.

Intensely sweet and tropical in the vial – like guava candy. On skin it’s slightly more tart, but retains a kind of candy/gummy vibe. Love.

95: Irish Cream Liquor: An olfactory interpretation of your favorite after dinner drink, so do not drink!

In the vial – sweet, creamy whisky. It almost smells like irish cream candy. It’s the same on skin, a really light, delicious boozy scent.

96: Pineapple Candy: Sweet pineapple hard candy.

SWEET sweet sweet pineapple in the vial, very candy-ish, and something about it reminds me a tiny bit of bubble gum. On skin the bubblegum bit is stronger, oddly, but it smells good. Very tropical and fun, with a slightly powdered sugar vibe, like crunchy pineapple sugar candies. (Are those a thing? Probably not.)

97: Saffron: Earthy, distinctive saffron.

Ooh, this is weird. In the vial it’s earthy and very, very sharp. It’s pretty much the same on skin, maybe a little less sharp. I’m not a fan of this one.

98: Sweet Grass: Fresh, soft grass note. Different than a mown grass accord.

A slightly perfumey grass scent in the vial. Definitely not your classic “just mown grass” note. On skin it’s even more perfumey and reminds me very much of a “spring grass” scented candle. Do not like.

99: Tiramisu: Lady finger cookies soaked with espresso liquor and layered with sweetened mascarpone.

Very strong coffee liquor and a hint of cookies in the vial. The coffee has a sharp, very alcoholic edge. On skin it’s a bit sweeter and much creamier, and less alcoholic.

100: Toasted Rice: Rice lightly toasted with a hint of butter.

Sweet, buttery rice! Not sugary sweet, just like… a mild, starchy sweetness. On skin it’s a little less sweet and a little more toasty, but it also develops a kind of spiciness that I wasn’t expecting.

Overall Thoughts: Blooddrop is pretty hit or miss for me, and the Simplicities don’t often catch my attention, but this one had so many interesting options that I couldn’t resist. Out of the ones I tested, Brioche, Dandelion, and Guava are my favorites. I actually wish I would’ve tried these sooner so I could’ve picked up a bottle of Brioche, because actual bread scents are pretty rare and this one is amazing.

And now I’m only 8 behind! … Which is still a lot, but better than 18.

89: arcana apples crave tea


apples_crave_teaToday has been grey and drizzly, so I felt like something warm and spicy – enter Apples Crave Tea. I didn’t intend to pick this one up when I chose the scents I wanted from the Apples Crave line, but Julia threw in a sample and I very surprisingly liked it so much that I ended up getting a bottle.

Smoky black tea leaf, golden musk, cardamom, and baked winesaps.

In the bottle, is very warm and spicy, a bit sharp, with juicy baked apples.

Wet on skin the cardamom is pretty prominent, and almost a bit medicinal. This initial stage put me off, because I generally don’t care for cardamom scents.

After 5-10 minutes, the cardamom mellows a bit, and the apples start to come out again. It’s sweeter, lightly musky, fruity, and spicy. It smells more and more like spicy baked apples as it dries.

This one was a surprise for me. Wet on skin I wasn’t a fan, but the dry down is really nice. Definitely a fall-ish scent, but appropriate for a chilly, gloomy spring day as well. It makes me want to burrow under a blanket with a cup of spicy apple tea and hibernate.

Elevator Pitch: Spicy baked apples – warm, musky, and sweet.